TechSnips is Completely Free!

Although it wasn't in the initial roadmap, we have decided to make our entire content library available to everyone completely free of charge! Simply register your name and email address to get unlimited access to our entire content library. Once your account is created, you will have full access to all of the snips currently available.

We hope that by providing content that's absolutely free will allow everyone to enjoy and learn from our already excellent and ever-expanding content library!

Don't see any snips you like? Tell us about it!

If you don't see any snips you'd like to see, please let us know on the Content Request page and please be patient! We currently have hundreds of snips in the queue which will be published soon. We have dozens of approved contributors and we'll constantly be publishing new snips daily. We encourage you to follow us at @techsnips_io to get announcements of all newly-published snips.

Why TechSnips?

TechSnips is an IT career development platform that provides free learning content (not training!) to people in information technology (IT). We provide short, 1-10 minute screencasts or snips on a range of technology-related topics like cloud computing, programming, system administration and a whole lot more.

All of the content we publish is built by IT professionals, system administrators, DevOps engineers, software name it! All content is created by people in the trenches performing this work day in and day out. We have no "professional" trainers here. As a result, we not only provide high-quality learning content to technology professionals but we build high-quality technology presenters as well.

We like to call ourselves an IT career development platform more than an e-learning platform because our service provides career development benefits to both ​contributors (the ones creating the content) and to subscribers (the ones consuming the content). We help people on both sides of the coin become better at their careers.

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