TechSnips is an IT career development platform that provides free learning content (not training!) to people in information technology (IT). We provide short, 1-10 minute screencasts or snips on a range of technology-related topics like cloud computing, programming, system administration and a whole lot more.

All of the content we publish is built by IT professionals, system administrators, DevOps engineers, software name it! All content is created by people in the trenches performing this work day in and day out. We have no "professional" trainers here. As a result, we not only provide high-quality learning content to technology professionals but we build high-quality technology presenters as well.

We like to call ourselves an IT career development platform more than an e-learning platform because our service provides career development benefits to both contributors (the ones creating the content) and to subscribers (the ones consuming the content). We help people on both sides of the coin become better at their careers.

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