About Us

TechSnips is the brain child of Adam Bertram that was launched on June 5th, 2018. It was created to fill a gap in the e-learning market to provide short, laser-focused technical screencast demonstrations from industry experts.

Adam had authored many online training courses and liked the screencast medium to teach others new skills but didn't necessarily care the how long the courses were. He knew that the majority of the time people tended to skip around and just pick the areas that they wanted to learn about right then.

He wondered why he couldn't simply record technical screencasts without going into details about prerequisites, background information, etc. It turns out that information is really important for 1-4 hour long training courses! The whole concept of "training" didn't fit what he wanted to do.

Knowing that simply creating shorter courses wouldn't completely address this problem, a different type of presentation style was required. After doing some research and looking around on YouTube, he gave up. Free platforms like YouTube just had too much trash to weed through to find the videos that addressed specific scenarios.

Getting fed up with videos on YouTube that had terrible audio, unprofessional presenters and seeing way too many watermarks on screencasts, he decided to start TechSnips.

TechSnips was created for technology professionals by technology professionals to provide self-sustained screencasts addressing exactly the kind of problem they are facing today. It was created to provide immediate solutions by removing the unnecessary slides, intros and summaries many presenters do in training courses.