Content Request

Due to the type of content TechSnips provides, we're always going to have more requests for content. There are a nearly infinite number of scenarios technology professionals find themselves in every day. It is our goal to provide the most in-demand, targeted, technical content anywhere but our contributors only represent a small portion of our target audience. This is why we need you!

We need you to tell us what kind of screencasts you want to see.

  • What topics would you like to watch?
  • What specific scenarios you're running into that you need help with?
  • Who would you like to see as a TechSnips contributor?

We'll do our best at providing high quality, technical content but unless you, the subscriber or potential subscriber tell us, we're shooting in the dark with the best guess.

Please let us know in the form below about any kind of additional content you'd like to see from TechSnips.